Life After High School

I see a lot of people with disabilities have a hard time with getting employment unless they are apart of a Post Graduate program such as, Triangle Inc and WORK Inc . Those who aren’t apart of those programs have a difficult time getting work due to losing SSI or food stamps because your only able to work a limited amount of hours. When that individual is living on their own and not being put in a group home like being in a prison or camp where if you live there you have the chance to have a job, but at the cost of a low paid income not even close to being minimum wage do you think this is fair that kids and young adults with disabilities that graduate can only be employed only if they give up their diploma or certificate of completion until they are 22? I’m saying this as I have autism and have been rejected a large amount of times due to me not being apart of programs such as this and that Mass Rehabilitation Commission does nothing more then try to get your hopes up and when the chance comes they completely bring you down because your only able to work a amount of hours depending on your income that they determine for you is nothing but a waste of time every person even those with a mental and physical disability has the right of employment even if it’s not apart of a program like some companies do try like Road To Responsibility, Inc. and many others and that they jobs are just simple enough to do and that is not gonna motivate a child of today to want to do anything but sit in the end of the room and have everything paid for by the state that leads to being put in a group home we as parents and those who have to stand for our children’s well being and stand up in the special education system to make sure that they aren’t just doing things in class that a kindergartner would do as I’ve seen all of this I’ve been in schools where they can only able to teach you at a fourth grade level in 9th and 10th grade or make you count fake money in 11th going on 12th and it is wrong in every way possible we need to motivate our kids to do more even if it hard but do it in a way that is fun and creative at the same time in a way that will want them to do more with their life I have autism myself and ever since i was given my certificate of completion 5 years ago it has been my dream to give kids a future that is worth it and is why I formed my organization Computers For The Autistic Foundation because I had to learn how to fix computers and know tech knowledge on my own and in my own way and to give kids that chance to start a new tomorrow is what i wanna be here for that is why i work beside Autism Sprinter and what they believe in as they want the same thing so stand up at your next child’s IEP meeting and tell them that you want things changed to better help them tomorrow so that one day they can be independent and strong and au-some in their own unique way.
Written By: Chris Hall

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